Craigslist Classic–1973 Ford Gran Torino–Can We Just Stop the Barn Find Bit Already?

Torino 1

It is a tacit fact that anyone who is averse to mindless cliches and tired idioms must grin and bear them (ha ha) when studying online classifieds like Craigslist.  It “ran when parked,” is “ready for restoration,” has a “stahl converter,” or, to quote the currently most heinous money grab of the bunch, is a “barn find.”  This Torino is certainly not covered in dust or “patina,” but the advertising header certainly uses the classic “bandwagon appeal” form of rhetoric.

Torino 2

***The actual post follows.***

1973 Ford Gran Torino Barn find!! – $6400

Very clean, very solid, 1973 Ford Gran Torino

302 v8 motor, rebuilt 12,000 miles ago, performance cam, all ready for a 4 bbl carb and headers if you want.

Odometer reads 33,xxx, My guess it rolled, so I would say 133,xxx possible.

Car came from California, motor was rebuild, vinyl top, factory steel wheels, tires in good shape, new exhaust, new brakes, new shocks, springs, steering box, alternator, wiper motor, battery, plugs, wires, cap, coil, All ready to go.

If you want any more pictures, please let me know.

Does have 1 small tear on the drivers seat as shown in the picture.

Runs and drives great, very solid for sure!

Torino 5

Craigslist and used car dealer radio advertisements seem to share a certain feel.  I can imagine it now… Hey folks, come on down to Frank’s Auto where we have hot dogs and balloons for the kids and deep discounts for you! Rows and rows of clean, low mileage vehicles are on the lot with low, low financing. No credit, no problem! Here’s a clean, clean barn find 1973 Ford Gran Torino Hardtop.  It’s a good gas mileage vehicle with nice vinyl seats for the kids.  Super solid car, folks, and we can show you the Carfax.

Torino 3

This honey has dual exhaust, guaranteed to add 50 horsepower to this classic muscle car!  And look at those lines!  They don’t make ’em like this anymore!

It may come as no shock that a small dealer is selling this Torino.  I actually drove by it last night, and although I didn’t get out to look because I have no interest in buying a ’73 Torino, I may be the only one in the room who thinks the color is just right.  ’70s sherbet-like greens are delightful, especially when accentuated by a contrasting vinyl top.

Torino 7

Folks, that Ford 5.0 is one of the greatest motors in the bizness…made ’em forever!

If serviceability and parts availability are important, then the ubiquitous Ford 302 is a nice choice; moreover, you could have a slumber party with all of your friends inside that engine compartment, and the engine wouldn’t even have to move over.  Atop the intake manifold is almost assuredly the Motorcraft 2100/2150, which is simplicity itself, and a continuous run of some 30 years means that engine parts are as close as the corner NAPA.  As far as propelling over two tons on body on frame solidity is concerned, well, you needn’t be in any hurry anyway.

Torino 6

Just look at that nice, open floor!  Sit six across!  You can take the whole family for a ride…Dream Cruise ready!

Can’t you just picture yourself behind that wheel, four windows rolled down, serenely cruising down an open two-lane highway, reliving your Starsky and Hutch childhood fantasies?  OK, so maybe it’s not a tomato red ’74, but you can drive away in this honey for a fraction of the price!

Torino 8

Just look at that back seat; nobody has ever sat in it.  It’s clean, clean, clean.  And if little Jimmy spills his ice cream cone, that tough vinyl upholstery means easy cleanup for you!

Torino 4

We’re taking top dollar on trades, too!  Push, pull, or drag your old jalopy in and we’ll give you up to $2500!  Don’t delay, folks!  Take this Gran Torino home today for a low, low price!