Curbside Classic: 1959 Mercury Monterey: A Little More Chrome Please?

(first posted 5/20/2011)    One of the cool things about living down here in the greater Daytona Beach, Florida area is the fact that we have a bunch of car related stuff happening pretty much year round.  While Curbside Classic is not about “trailer queens”, at many of the shows I frequent there are many near daily drivers in attendance.  (That red TR3A I posted yesterday was in the parking lot of a show.) This 1959 Mercury Monterey is one of those near daily drivers.  I have seen it on at least three different occassions, twice at a show and once parked in the lot of Ronald McDonald’s home.

As this olelongrooffan sarcastically mentioned in the title of this post, there are chrome doodads all over this car.  Admittedly, during a discussion with the owner at its most recent sighting, he added a couple items just for fun.

But really, take a look at that dashboard.  There is more chrome on it that my 1963 Falcon Station Bus had on its entire body.  And a suicide knob to boot.

I especially like the number arrangement on the speedometer of this Monterey.  It even has chrome dashmounted power seat controls.  In 1959.

The first time I spotted the old Merc was at Bellair Plaza on A1A just a few blocks from my home in Ormond Beach.  This was a couple years ago and my habit back then was to gather just a couple images of a particular car and move on.  Thanks to lessons learned here on CC, I have learned that two images just won’t cut it anymore!  Yes, my fellow Curb Dwellers, this image is a two-fer as that is a 1959 Chevy in the background it.

As I mentioned, the second time I spotted it was in  Mickey D’s parking lot resting comfortably up against that city mandated landscape buffer.  Take a look at the rear end of it.  The ten different lamps on it are surrounded by miles of chrome.

Another look inside reveals even more chrome as well as an aftermarket a factory air conditioning system.  I bet it has to work overtime to cool that huge greenhouse cabin.

Its owner did admit to me that he had added the spotlights on both front fenders to his Monterey but they were period correct.  Check out that chrome accent on the front fender just above the bumper.

Only to be matched with this trio of semi discs on its rear flanks.  Yep. Chrome. Everywhere.

The owner just had to add to all that period correct chrome with a pair of curb feelers on each corner, just for fun.

I still don’t know what these attennas on each “C” pillar are for.  There is an antenna mounted on the passenger side front fender also.

And those car shows I mentioned earlier?  It appears this car has appeared at as many of them as this olelongrooffan has over the past few years.

This 122 inch wheelbase automobile is long and low.  And it just roomy enough inside for a King.

Yes, my fellow Curb Dwellers, Elvis is alive and well living in a 1959 Mercury Monterey and is still stuffing himself with Big Mac’s.