Very Proud Of Their New Cop Cars Indeed! Ever Been Pulled Over By A Female Cop?

England obviously got a head start in putting women into cop cars, and what fine ones they are. I’d almost be honored to have one of them an open MGA pull me over.

Speaking of, it seems there are still might few women patrolling the highways still. I used to play cat and mouse every Sunday morning with a female CHP officer, on I 280 a bit south of San Francisco. We used to drive up from Los Gatos to the city every Sunday morning in my 300E. I regularly exceeded 100 on that “commute”, but always slowed down around a certain rest area near the ugly Junipero Serra statue. Up on the connector road or that rest area, there she usually sat waiting for me – “my girlfriend,” as Stephanie called her – in a black and white Mustang LX 5.0 notchback coupe, ready to pounce down. If she wasn’t there, I’d have to really keep my eyes peeled. But it was a fair game then, since the CHP didn’t use radar for the most part back then.

I did eventually get pulled over by another one, also in CA. But I never got to have any face time with “my girlfriend”.