Vintage Video: Salmon St. Saga – Shot by 15 Year Old Budding Filmmaker at His Portland, OR High School

In my travels through the tubes of you, I discovered this film, which deserves to be shared. it was shot by Tim Smith, a 15 year old budding filmmaker outside and around his high school in Portland, OR. in 1970. The whole first section shows car and motorcycles in action, and gives a pretty good idea of what kids were driving at the time. And how.

Matt Groening, of Simpson’s fame, was a schoolmate and makes a short appearance. He also made a couple of movies with Tim after this one.  Tim Smith’s comments:

It was my first 16mm film with an optical track. I won’t bother explaining it but in some respects it was an early Jesse Files an attempt to show the disparity between the geeks and jocks. Starring: Scott Snedecor, Dan Heims, Tom Raimondi, Richard Gehr. My brother Duncan Smith makes a cameo at the end also Matt Groening of Simpson’s fame makes a cameo as well. Have fun.


I’m also including this one, made in 1971, and a spoof on a somewhat obscure tv travelogue that the filmmaker used to watch on tv as a kid. I really got a kick out of it as I could so doing something like this at time with some of my friends. Tim’s comments:

When growing up, I had a notorious reputation of watching too much television. However, I told my siblings that much of my viewing was part of my research as a young ‘want to be’ comedy filmmaker. This is Portland was my first somewhat successful attempt at satire and spoofs. It’s a direct spoof of a little known couple named Don and Bettina who were known for a series of travelogs. The two of them (I vaguely remember) produced fairly amateur films about travel — with crude sound and kitchy music. This short is in part dedicated to their memory. Note: this is Portland in 1971, when Portland was a dumpy little town with nothing in particular except offering a safe place to raise a family. My brother Duncan (now deceased) is featured as the character in the tuxedo along with his date in evening dress, Elinor Markgraf. Enjoy