Vintage Ad: Three Of My Favorites In The Same Picture

Here’s one to stir the memory banks, for those of you old enough, anyway. I know you’ll recognize the Alfa, but what about those jets? One of the sleekest noses of its kind. No, it’s not Russian. Hint: a Plymouth shared the same name. It was even flown in the US, by one major airline. If you’re stuck, I won’t keep you guessing:

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The Sud Aviation Caravelle, the pioneer of the twin-rear engine configuration, that later became so popular. It first flew in 1955, and went into service in 1959, opening the jet era in Europe, as it was the first jet designed for shorter hauls. There was nothing like it in the US either, so instead of waiting for the similar DC9 (or 737), United put in an order for twenty of them. They flew mostly in the East and Midwest, between 1961 and 1973. I used to watch them from the observation deck (remember those?) at BWI in the late sixties. Noisy as hell on take-off.