CC Bric-a-Brac: Can You Find These Dealerships?


Tom Klockau’s post about old dealerships reminded me of one of the odder pieces of automobilia that I used to collect-dealer nameplates!

When I lived in Florida as a teen and twenty-something in the 1990’s, I would frequent the auto dealerships and junk yards in my town, and check out all the trade-ins and junked cars that were brought down from other states. Sometimes if I was lucky I would score a nice set of license plates (I have a nice collection of those), but more often than not I would find these little dealer emblems still stuck on the trunk. In the case of the dealers, I knew that they would be plucking them off and replacing them with their own, so I wasn’t too concerned about “acquiring” them. And for those of you worrying  about me trespassing, my best friend’s dad was the used car manager at the Ford dealer, and he knew that I was always looking for trinkets like this!

I have a number more of these in a box somewhere. These in the picture I had glued to the back of the door of my old stereo cabinet.  Some have sadly fallen off over the years.  The cabinet and I just parted ways when I left Tawas, but I kept the door, for obvious reasons!

So, how many of these can you still find???