Our Hot New Server Is Up And Running (Quickly)

Server Hooters-Girl-Waitress-Hot

This will hopefully be the final chapter of our our drawn-out technical issues drama. Early this morning, CC migrated to our hot new dedicated server, and it’s working like a charm. Here’s the vital statistics:

OVH.com Canada

One of those servers in OVH’s many server farms is ours, and its got an Intel i5 processor; 4/4 cores/threads; runs at 3.1 GHz; has 8 GB of RAM and two 1 TB disks. The important thing is that the site is running fast, with the kind of response time (especially in the back end) that brings tears of joy to my eyes. It’s been a long, frustrating haul, but thanks to Josh Matthies who has handled the migration, those days are hopefully behinds us. Whew…