CC Vintage: Old Truck Ads by the Old Masters

(first posted 10/15/2017)        I happened to find my way to, and decided to take an extended break at the truck stop there, as it was cold and rainy outside (winter has arrived early here this year, there’s already skiing on Mt. Hood). I’ve perused many of their car art collection, but hadn’t really delved into the truck section, which is like getting lost in a good-sized museum wing.

Back in the late 40s and early 50s, a good number of these paintings and renderings for ads were signed by the artist, and I’m going to share some with you. There’s also a few that were not signed, but I felt were quite worthy. Needless to say, advertising was in a very different state of consciousness back then. Most of these probably had just a line or so underneath them, as the picture was what was compelling, then and now.

This first one, of Advance Design 1950 Chevrolets, is by Peter Helck, whose name we’ll see again here.

Helck also did this one, which depicts a number of 1950 Chevy trucks and one sedan.


Another Helck, this one from 1953.


We’ll see a number of Autocars, this one from 1945 is by O. Baumann.


Another 1945 Autocar ad, by William Campbell.


One more 1945 Autocar ad, by Frank Waltrich.


Also by William Campbell.


As is this one.


This one is by Campbell too, from 1947.


A 1954 painting by Melbourne Brindle.


Not trucks, but a dramatic image by Robert Riggs.

EMD diesel-electric locomotives by Blaine.


1952 Chevies by Peter Helck.


An evocative farm scene with 1950 Chevrolets by Helck.


One more by Helck, of these 1950 Chevies.


This one is not attributed, but a fine work of ’54 Chevies at work.

1955 Chevies in another unattributed piece.


1953 Dodge dumper; not attributed.


1941 Fargo (Canadian Dodge); unattributed.


1955 Mack; unattributed.



1949 Studebaker, by Frederic Tellander.


Tellander is back with a 1953 Studebaker truck, and the tail end of a new ’53 Coupe.


One more by Tellander. He could probably draw these Stude trucks in his sleep, especially blue ones.


And finally, another dramatic one, a 1953 Mack, unattributed.

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