Vintage Ad: 1949 DeSoto Carry-All Sedan – “Two Cars For The Price Of One”

The station wagon became a huge new segment in the 1950s, and the Plymouth all-steel wagon was one of those responsible for that boom. But there was something of an antecedent to them, or just an early alternative, to see what folks would buy. That was the convertible sedan, like this DeSoto Carry-All, the Chrysler Traveller, and of course the Kaiser-Frazer Vagabond (below), which had a larger rear opening, big enough to accommodate a pony even.

Of course these general concepts came back with a vengeance with the hatchback. Neither of these convertible sedans sold well, meanwhile wagons sales took off. Station wagons were the hot new thing, and any lingering negative stigma was long gone, so there was no need to have to pretend to be driving just a sedan, even if there was a pony in the back.