Vintage Ad: 1957 Dodge Truck “Power Giants” – Hemi Power!

Dodge was bragging about having the most power of any of the Big Three trucks in 1957, thanks to their big hemi engines. This ad claims “new giant-power V8’s up to 232 hp!” There must have been an expansion of their engine line-up during the year, because the ’57 truck brochure only shows a maximum of 216 hp, for the 354 CID Chrysler hemi.

There’s also a few other curious details in that brochure…

It lists three V8 engines on the right. The first one, with 314.61 CID is a DeSoto unit, and then there’s the 331 and 354 CID Chrysler units. Did they add the 392 that became available in Chrysler cars in 1957? Or just a bigger carb on the 354?

The flathead sixes with 265.37 cubic inches stumped me a bit, as the ’53-’54 Chrysler six had…264 cubic inches, with the same bore but a 4.75″ stroke to the 265 with 4.766″ of stroke. Did they really make two different crankshafts with that little difference in stroke?

And here’s another tidbit: you could order that big six with dual carbs and split exhaust headers, upping its power from 130 to 141 hp. That would be a cool engine to have in an old Mopar.