Vintage Ad: 1963 Plymouth Beats Ford and Chevrolet In 8 Out Of 10 Official Tests

I’m assuming these were base V8s, which of course put the lighter and smaller Plymouth at even greater advantage with its 230 hp 318 compared to Chevy’s 195 hp 283 and Ford’s even smaller 164 hp 260.  FWIW, the little Chevy does pretty well under the circumstances to make up for its deficit in cubic inches and car weight. And the Ford was also the heaviest, by far.

Actually, the Chevy was only slightly heavier than the Plymouth, oddly enough.

Here’s the curb weights for  these:

Ford Galaxie 4 door sedan:  3647 lbs

Chevrolet Bel Air V8 4 door sedan:  3345 lbs

Plymouth Fury V8 4-door sedan:  3265 lbs

The reason (in part): that poly wide-block 318 V8 was a lot heavier than the lightweight Chevy and Ford V8s.