Vintage Ad: 1963 Rambler Police Cars – Always Ready For Action, Or A Quick Nap

I sure don’t remember ever seeing a Rambler police car until the seventies, when they suddenly became not uncommon. In 1974, the Iowa City Police got a new fleet of Matadors, in a number of different pastel colors. We called them “The Rainbow Patrol”. Those were the ones with the horrible protruding nose.

But in 1963 or so? Nada. Anyone see a Rambler police car back then?

Here’s the details:

I’m thinking a Classic 6 might not exactly have been the zippiest cop car, but then some big city departments used six cylinder patrol cars since speed was not really an issue when you’re stuck in deep traffic.

Actually, these Ramblers would have made a pretty practical patrol car, as they were fairly compact but still quite comfortable inside. Rambler seats seemed to be built better than average, and if things got slow, they could always be tilted back for a quick snooze.  Naw; cops never did that…