Vintage Ad: 1965 Eshelman Eagle – America’s Prestige Car – Wait ‘Till You See The ’64 Version, Or The 1950’s Eshelmans

Of course it’s America’s Prestige Car: a Corvair dolled up with a big chrome eagle on its front, some out-of date wide whitewalls, and a few other do-dads.

But that’s nothing compared to the previous incarnation of the Eshelman Eagle. Be prepared. And I’ve dug up some Eshelmans from the 1950s too; they were anyhting but prestigious. In fact, they started out as genuine kiddie cars.

Wow! Utterly amazing. And there’s essentially no info on this wild creation. My guess is that Mr. Eshelman started out a bit overly ambitious with this rebodied Corvair, which I date to 1964 based on the wheel covers. I suspect it never took off, and for 1965 Eshelman decided to just apply his magic to a stock Corvair.

Here’s the Two-Door Hardtop Coupe, with this superbly-designed and integrated rear tail lights. Just the thing for the owner who can pay a little more to be distinguished above the ordinary. One wonders just how many owners that were.

Let’s go back even further. In 1960, Eshelman was selling this Model 903, “believed to be the lowest price car built in the USA that will pass State Inspection”. How’s that for a comforting marketing pitch. I believe the “903” refers to it having a 9hp single cylinder industrial engine. Note the big “Eshelman” badge on the side. Mr. Eshelman was not the shy, retiring kind.

Here’s the 1957 Eshelman Deluxe Sportabout, sporting all of 9 hp.

And going back another year, we have the 1956 De Luxe Model with 8.4 hp. I’m guessing these were shot in front of the Eshelman house. Perhaps that’s Mrs. Eshelman, who fancies well groomed poodles? I’m sure she was thrilled with the Eshelman Sportabout.

Here’s where it all started, with the 1952, with a genuine kiddie-car, powered by a 2 hp B&S engine. They’re hot collector’s cars now, so don’t laugh too hard.