Vintage Ad: 1965 Toyota Stout – 1/2 Ton Pickup And Camper For $2,000

The Stout was Toyota’s first pickup that they sold in the US. It was a good size or two larger than the very compact Datsun pickup, which was selling fairly well, and was on a strong growth trajectory. But the Stout was apparently a bit too big, and not what the US market was looking for: a dirt cheap little truck. Toyota eventually replaced the Stout with its HiLux mini-pickup, and never looked back.


The Stout was powered by the same 1.9 L ohv four that was in the Corona at the time. I was attracted to it precisely because of its size; I just didn’t fit well into the smaller Japanese pickups. Frankly, I still sort of don’t, at least the Tacoma, which still has that unfortunate sitting on the floor sensation that I strongly dislike.