Vintage Ad: 1966 International Scout 800 Sportop – The 1966 Jeep Super Wagoneer Wants To Have A Word With “The Best Dressed All-Wheel Drive Car On The Road”

In 1966, the Brougham Era was already affecting SUVs, and International decided to get a little piece of the action. The Scout Sportop (how do you pronounce that: Spore-top, or Sport-op?) got a rakish fiberglass cap, and according to International, that made it “The best dressed all-wheel drive car on the road”.

Just one problem: the 1966 Jeep Super Wagoneer.

There’s no comparison between these two. The base Wagoneer was a more civilized all-wheel drive than the gnarly Scout to start with, and the Super upped the ante very considerably, with a standard 270 hp V8 compared to the Scout’s rough four, a completely new interior, full power accessories  standard, including a/c. It was in a completely different league.

The Scout Sportop was not exactly a hit or harbinger of the new class of luxury SUV’s; they were very rare and soon dropped.