Vintage Ad: 1966 Jeep Tuxedo Park Mark IV – Pretentious In Name Only

Jeep Tuxedo Park Mark IV: Was this the most “overnamed” car of its time? Or just misnamed? The Jeep CJ-5 was a gnarly little beast, rough riding and zero creature comforts. I can see why Kaiser Jeep decided a bit of civilizing might be a good way to broaden its appeal, and thus offer a package that did offer a few civilizing touches, like a column shifter, power brakes and somewhat softer rear springs along with nicer-trimmed seats. But Tuxedo Park Mark IV?

Especially so since it was described as a “New Sports Model”, although it was hardly new in 1966; in fact I think that was the last year, with the package of options first available in 1961 and an actual separate model in 1965 or 1966.


As best as I can tell from the limited amount of information out there, the Tuxedo Park was just a package of a few trim pieces (mostly chrome) in its first three years (1961-1963), and they were referred to as TP Mark I, II and II, so there’s some truth in advertising about the Mark IV name. But there was never a Mark V, as the Mark IV name stuck and the TP package morphed into a more complete package with a number of actual meaningful items as listed here and above. One of those was “a single lever transfer case shifter”; was that a new transfer case too?

It all come to naught, as sales were very modest and the Tuxedo Park was parked, forever.