Vintage Ad: 1970 Oldsmobile Rallye 350 – Turns Out Painted Bumpers Weren’t Quite As Cool As Dr. Oldsmobile Thought

The 1970 Olds Rallye 350 was one of several “junior muscle cars” that arrived that year in response to drastic increases in insurance costs for the real thing. The formula was pretty simple: throw a few pieces together in an option trim package (W-25, in this case) which included urethane coated steel bumpers, and slap them on a choice of F-85 or Cutlass coupes, and watch them sell like hot cakes. If the GTO’s Endura bumper is so hot, these must be too.

Except that they weren’t. These Rallye 350s were laggards, and sat on dealer lots. Some dealers felt that the body-colored bumpers were the problem, and swapped them out for chrome ones. Although only 3,547 were built, some were still sitting on dealer lots in 1971.

The only engine choice was the same 310 hp 350 V8 as used widely in the Cutlass line; the 325 hp version of the 350 was not available. Standard equipment was a three-speed manual, a suspension package, and of course the special hood and spoiler and stripes. Drum brakes were also still standard; discs were optional, along with the usual comfort and convenience items. A four speed manual and the THM-350 automatic were also available at extra cost. Even wheel trim rings were optional. A bare-bones junior muscle car, priced $68 cheaper than the 1970 Road Runner, which sported a healthier hi-po 383 V8 as standard.

But these Rallye 350 get plenty of love today, so no worries on that account.