Vintage Ad: 1971 Opel (Kadett) Four Door: Why Did They Wait Until 1971 To Bring Over The Four Door? The Vega?

This ad caught me off guard. I don’t remember ever seeing a four door Kadett in the US. But there it is, in the ad. And it’s not even called “Kadett” anymore; just “The Four-Door Opel”. What’s even stranger is that 1971 was the first year for the new Opel 1900 (Ascona), and Opel/Buick chose not to bring over the four door version of that.

What was the thinking behind that? Could it have been a not-so subtle dig at the new Chevy Vega, which did not offer a four door sedan?

Here’s the companion ad, for the new 1971 Opel 1900, the car I called “What The Vega Could Have Been“. It was everything the Vega wasn’t, including a more upright body with resulting better space utilization. And in Europe, the Ascona was very much available as a four door sedan.

So why didn’t they bring over that? And why suddenly offer the four door version of the Kadett, which was quite long in tooth by 1971. Kadett sales were way down in 1971, and according to one source, only available by dealer order in 1972.

This may be a highly obscure question, but this is the kind of obscure historical detail that catches our eyes here at CC, even if we may never know the answer.