Vintage Ad: 1978 AMC Gremlin GT – The Gremlin Exits In Gran Turismo Fashion

This is a new one for me; I had no idea that a GT package was made available half way through the Gremlin’s final year on this planet. No wonder only 3,000 were sold; or maybe I should say I’m impressed that many were sold.

I remember the Gremlin X all-too well; I thought that was the sporty variant. But the GT took that one step further. Not in terms of actual performance, as its only powerplant was the 258 (4.2 L) six, although it did pack a pretty decent 120 net hp for that era, thanks to a two-barrel carb. The 304 V8 had been cancelled back in 1976. But the ’78 Gremlins did get a badly needed new dashboard, shared with the Concord, and the GT got those big fender flares.