Vintage Ad: 1978 Fairmont – “The Best Selling New Car Ever Introduced” – Not

This is a serious head scratcher. According to my trust Standard American Encyclopedia of American cars, Ford sold 461k Fairmonts in MY 1978. And the 1965 Mustang? Well more than that. Even subtracting 122k early 1965 MY Mustangs (“1964½”) from the overall total of 681k still leaves 559k, well ahead of the Fairmont. And the 1970 Maverick topped that with 579k.

Am I missing something?

And why is the 1896 Quadracycle and a 1924 Model T up there? The Quad was never produced or sold, and the 1924 T was hardly a “new car”.

And where’s the 1960 Falcon? Its 436k sales represented a higher share of the smaller market back then.

Update: There’s simply no way to brush this off by trying to read something into the title and text that’s not there, like a loophole that gets them off this hook. The word “ever”, in both the title and the first sentence makes that all-too clear.

The ad is simply inaccurate. Not the first, I’m sure, but it’s pretty bald-faced.