Vintage Ad: 1980 International Scout – “Sensible” But Not Suitable For The Eighties

1980 was the final year for the Scout. The rapid run up in gas prices and the economic recession were the coffin nails in its twenty-year life. Not bad, considering how relatively modest the changes were, mainly in its major 1971 refresh that added the “II” to its name.

This shot has a decidedly 1980’s vibe to it, as the owners are proto Yuppies. The odds of them living in a nice house like that in 1980 and having bought a Scout seems a bit remote, but then this is what ads and PR shots are all about. The Scout was always trying to enhance its image, from the rough riding and gnarly off-roader it started out to be, and never really stopped being.

But then I was just starting out on Yuppiehood in about 1979 or so when I really craved one of these with the Nissan diesel six. It was during my diesel crush era, which was never consummated. But then it wouldn’t really have been ideal for Stephanie to haul the kids around in on the freeways of Los Angeles. The Jeep Cherokee we bought in 1984 was much more suitable. But a guy can dream…

Here’s a couple of more 1980 Scout ads:

The Traveler was an extended wheelbase Scout that arrived in 1976. It was obviously a reaction to the huge popularity of the full-size Chevrolet Blazer. It was not a very common sight.

The Terra was a pickup version of the extended wheelbase Traveler. These were really quite rare. It’s an interesting package for the right situation, but the popularity of full size pickups and mini-pickups didn’t leave a lot of viable room in between. If I had lived on a ranch back then, it would have appealed to me. A handy in-between size and a tough truck.

I can’t find a 1980 brochure just now, but engines during these later years were the 196 IH Four, 232 and 258 AMC sixes, and 304 and 345 IH V8s. The 1980’s might have had a more restricted availability of choices. And the Nissan diesel, which also came in a turbo version late in 1979 and in 1980. That was the one to have, but not cheap, as I remember.


My CC on the original Scout 800 is here

We don’t have a full CC on the Scout II, but here’s on on the Terra by JPC