Vintage Ad: 1997 Cadillac Fleetwood Flagship – Extended Wheelbase For Really Massive Rear Legroom – And An Extended Deck Version Too

For those wanting some serious stretch out room in their 1997 Cadillac, the place to go was Chicago Armor & Limousine, for their Flagship™. An extended wheelbase (from 113″ to 119.8″) was all to the benefit of real leg room. And for those with massive luggage to haul could opt for the Grand Flagship™, which also had an extended deck, just like Caddys of yore.

Here’s the proof. And all kinds of lip up and flip down do-dads too. Just the thing to keep an ADHD executive engaged.

The specs.

And another shot. This looks like the “short deck” Flagship. Did any of the Grand Flagships ever get made? Inquiring minds want to know.