Vintage Ad: GM, The Styling Leader In 1968? Where’s The GTO?

Here’s a couple of ads from 1968, of GM touting its styling excellence. I find this first batch to be a wee bit questionable, as both the Toronado and Riviera were basically two years old and had questionable chrome loop bumpers grafted on their front ends. There’s probably a reason they showed the back end of the Toro, although that would be defaced in 1969. And the Grand Prix? Where’s the ’68 GTO? That was the by far the freshest car in the lineup in 1968, along with the new Corvette.

Ah, here it is, along with the Eldorado. And a Corvair! In 1968? It already had three of its independently suspended wheels in the grave by 1968. Hardly “further ahead”.