Vintage Ad: The Kanzler Coupe – Even AI Couldn’t Have Come Up With This

We’ve covered a lot of seventies “schlockmobiles” here over the year, but I keep running into new ones. In this case, I rather wish I hadn’t actually. It never fails to amaze me what folks came up with in that decade; drugs must have been a major factor.

Who would think of taking an Opel GT body and doing this to it? I haven’t seen anything this bizarre even from Fuzzyman’s explorations into the realms of AI possibilities. Or maybe he could, with the right prompts? “Opel GT, pimpmobile, schlock, 1970s, tasteless, 1930s front end…”.

The front end. It does remind me a bit of some 1930’s aerodynamic prototypes.

This 1934 Mercedes 150H coupe is what came to mind, but it looks pretty tame in comparison.

And here’s the tail, for your viewing pleasure. Somebody tell me this isn’t for real, please.