Vintage Ads: 1937 – 1942 Plymouth Pickup – A Short (Bed) Life

It’s easy to forget that Plymouth sold pickups from 1937 – 1942. Obviously, it was just a badge-engineered half-ton Dodge pickup with a Plymouth-style grille, but it appeared that Plymouth was pretty serious about offering a line of commercial vehicles, which also included various passenger-car based commercial cars, including a panel delivery and utility sedan.

Why didn’t the pickup reappear after WW2?  Good question.


This ad from 1937 suggests “Business Men Wanted It”. More likely, it was those dealers that carried the combined Chrysler-Plymouth brands that wanted it, as they had no trucks to sell.

Actually, Plymouth started selling the passenger-car based commercial cars in 1935, and then expanded the line to include a Dodge-based pickup in 1937.

This 1939 ad shows the full range of commercial vehicles offered. All of them except the pickup were based on the larger 116″ wb passenger car line. The pickup had a 114″ wb.

Here’s the line for 1940.

And one more for 1941.

As to why these didn’t re-emerge after WW2, it really is a good question, and one I don’t have an answer to except to speculate based on the facts. Sales for the pickups were 4,000 in 1939, and 6,879 for 1940. Not terrible, for the times, but obviously not very good either. Given the post-war seller’s market, presumably Chrysler had no need or desire to spend extra in marketing and supporting the Plymouth truck.