Vintage Ads: 1960-1964 Imperial Crown Limousine – “Only 25 People In The World Can Posses This Luxury”


I can’t help but wonder if the primary reason Chrysler had 25 of these ultra-expensive limos hand built by Ghia in Italy was so that its top execs had something appropriate to ride in when they showed up in New York. That, and obviously it was a halo car, of sorts, making sure that at least some folks knew Chrysler wasn’t knocked totally out of the ring by not having a regular production limo like Cadillac.

25? How about 8?

They’re going fast…only eight left…hurry!

I gulped when I saw this ’64. Ghia did this…rear window? That is so wrong, especially on a car that is trying so hard to look as square and angular as possible.

$18,900, that’s $160,000 in 2020 dollars.

Here’s a ’57, which has always been my favorite year for these Imperials. In 1957, its styling was in a class of its own. By 1959, it was already looking out of date.

Dated or not, these Crown Limos all made a statement, and it was not a subtle one.