Vintage Ads: 1961 Cadillacs With Exotic Fabrics And Custom Made Jewelry

These 1961 Cadillac ads are deeply imprinted in my memory, as they were brand new in the fall of 1960 when we arrived in the US. It seemed a bit odd to pair these cars with backgrounds of exotic fabrics and fine jewelry; I much preferred the K&F Pontiac renderings and such.

At the time I did not bother to read the fine print to learn what these fabrics were, so here’s a chance to go back and and do that. This splendid one behind the Coupe de Ville is a matador’s cape from the Brooklyn Museum. The jewelry is by Harry Winston. If only that fabric were available as an upholstery option.

Here’s a couple more:

This fine Fleetwood 60 Special is paired with French embroidery from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Jewelry by Black, Starr and Gorham.

I have a fond spot for these ’61 Sixty Specials, as my father’s cousin, who was a traveling salesman of fine Austrian optics (cameras, binoculars, microscopes, telescopes, etc.) came to visit us in Iowa City in one. The trunk was jammed full of his wares, and he gave my older brother and I a telescope. Of course that means it was essentially his, but that’s how things like that worked, especially with my older brother. I do remember gazing at the moon on a fine summer evening.

Last but not least, this six window Sixty-Two sedan is paired with fine 17th century brocade from the Detroit Institute of Arts. Jewelry again by Black, Gorham and Starr.