Vintage Ads: 1980 Mark VI and Eldorado Glamour Coupes and Seville Glamour Sedanne – Room For A V16 Up There

I’ve seen pictures of the Eldorado Glamour Coupe and Seville Glamour Sedanne before (below), but I did not know that American Custom Coachworks in Beverly Hills also offered a Mark VI Glamour Coupe. Pretty ironic, given how weak-chested all these cars were in 1980. But if you want to make folks think there’s a hot-blooded V16 under the hood, you had three to chose from.

And there’s no question that the Mark VI’s overhang ratio is improved. But they might have given it something a wee bit bigger than those little 14″ tires and cheap-looking wire wheel covers.

Here’s  the Seville Glamour Sedanne, the spelling of which is almost as pretentious as the car. But not quite; nothing could be. The 5.7 L diesel V8 must have sounded really classy when you pulled up to the…peep show.

So which of these three will it be for you?