Vintage Ads: Hudson Wasp Police and Jet Police – With Road-hugging Safety!

I never saw a Hudson police car, but then these were a bit before my time in the US. But I can see the appeal; with the Twin H-Power (dual carbs) option, the Wasp’s 262 cubic inch flathead six belted out a healthy 149 hp, which was semi-stout for the times (1954).  Not exactly a 170 hp Hornet with 308 inches of twin H-Power, but I imagine a police department could have gotten them if they really wanted to be sure of outrunning the bad guys. That is, until 1955 when 180 hp Chevys became all-too common.

But a Jet Police?

The Jet’s 202 cubic inch flathead six normally was rated at 104 hp, but Twin H-Power was available to, although the bump to 114 hp wasn’t exactly an afterburner. Not so ideal for pursuit work, but its compact size would have been handy in Wood City’s urban core.