Vintage PR Shot: 1955 Rometsch Beeskow – In Front Of…Trader Vic’s?

What first caught my eye was the Rometsch Beeskow, a stylish coupe made in small numbers by the coachbuilder Rometsch on a VW chassis. But then quickly my eyes moved up the photo to the sign above the entrance to an obviously Polynesian theme restaurant. It wanted to say “Tarder Vic’s” of course, but the letters don’t quite spell that. Hmm.  I spent too much time reading about the history of Trader Vic’s, but that didn’t solve the mystery.

Zooming in on the license plate, I’m 99% certain it says “California”, not surprisingly. But it appears to be white, not black. Hmm, again. But I’m quite sure one or more of you will solve these mysteries, and then we can get back to admiring the cute little Beeskow. Wow!