Vintage PR Shot: Brand New 1947 Fiats For $1195 – It Was Destined For A Wild Second Life

It’s easy to forget that Fiat was a pioneer in America’s post-war import boom, as this 1947 shot confirms. But then I remember all-too well how these little Fiat Topolinos invariably ended up as wild gasser drag racers, with huge V8s and big slicks on the back, thanks to their light weight and short wheelbase.

R.S. Evans is Roy Evans, who had founded the American Bantam Car Company in 1936, based on the Austin 7. He clearly had a strong predilection for small cars, and attractive models.

In case you missed this sort of thing in your youth or are lacking in the necessary imagination, here’s what a Fiat gasser looked like.

And in case you missed a close look at the hubcaps on the featured Fiat, they say “SIMCA”, which may seem a bit confusing but Fiat started Simca and owned them for some time, so this Fiat was either built in France or there were some extra Simca hubcaps in the supply chain.