Vintage Ad: 1959 Goliath Showmobile – 46 HP Goliath Hauling 40′ Trailer With 46 HP Goliaths

Here’s something a bit different: To showcase the toughness of Goliath’s 46 hp engine, they turned on of their little truck into a semi, hauling a 40′ trailer with three Goliaths on board, although the front one isn’t quite complete.

Here’s the full text that accompanied this:

“The Goliath Showmobile is a new concept in merchandising automobiles. The Goliath 46 h.p. truck shown pulling the 40′ trailer loaded with a Goliath truck, sedan, and chassis, is powered by the same 46 hp. 4 cylinder airplane-design engine that is found in the Goliath automobile. This is the truck that Goliath bet Detroit they can outpull them with.”