Vintage Brochure: The 1903 Woods Electric Carriage Line – 32 Body Styles – A Primer In Carriage Nomenclature

I came across this fine colored post card of a Woods Electric Carriage. It obviously looks very much like what it is, a horseless carriage driven by a couple of small electric motors powered by a battery bank in the floor. It didn’t have a date, so with a wee bit if searching I found the full 1903 Woods brochure, or catalog. It feature no less than 32 body styles, all very much in the traditional carriage style of the late 19th century. I’m going to show you a good number of them below, and the nomenclature gives us a bit of insight into how names like “brougham”, “victoria”, “landau” and other evolved into more modern automobiles.

Woods was one of the pioneers of electric carriages, starting in Chicago in 1899. That ended in 1916, but not before they built a rather remarkable gas-electric hybrid in 1915, the Woods Dual Power Model 44 Coach. I’m going to cover that in its own post, as it’s quite fascinating.

Top speed on the lighter styles was around 15 mph, less for the heavy wagons.

So here’s a healthy sample of the Woods offering of body styles; if you want to see them all, head here.

This Country Club wagon appears the same as the one at the top, in color.