Vintage Car Carriers: When The Trucks (Mostly) Matched The Makers Of Cars Being Hauled


(first posted 4/20/2013)     Back in the Middle-Carstecone Epoch, cars were transported on trucks that were built by the the same company. Well, mostly. Obviously, AMC (and Packard earlier) didn’t build trucks. Richard Bennett forwarded me these, which seem to originate from I’m not quite sure what to make of the sign on this one.


Studebaker had its car-hauling bases covered, though.


As did Ford.


And Chrysler.

Car Carrier Packard

Actually, Packard did build trucks until 1923, but after that they had to resort to the competition.


Uh-oh; these folks are cheating. At least, they could have used an International. Speaking of which, the AMC carriers I remember seemed to favor International.

Peugeot 404 car transporter

This one’s not from hank’s. I’m not sure how common this Peugeot 404 car carrier arrangement was, but here it is.

VW Beetle 1946 Pickup f3q B&W

Even VW took advantage of its own (limited) resources at the time.

Hank’s site is a cornucopia of vintage truck pictures, so don’t get lost there.