Vintage Photographs: New Orleans, 1959

New Orelans 1959image source:

(first posted 9/19/2014)     I stumbled into this on one of my many searches, and it made me stop. It’s not just a great snapshot generally, but obviously, I couldn’t miss the little study in automotive contrasts on the left. An Isetta, and a convertible at that, right behind a ’58 Chevy Bel Air. So when I went back to find the source of this shot, I Googled “New Orelans 1959” and came up with a few other random shots worth sharing.

New Orleans 1959 bimage:

This one will keep the car spotters busy a bit longer.

New Orleans 1959 cimage:

Another similar one.

New Orelans 1959 dimage:

Is one of the street cars named “Desire”?

City of New Orleans train 1959image:

The City of New Orleans train, but shot in Covington, TN, in 1959. Looks like E-7s or E-9s. Like these UP units that I shot and wrote up here in great detail.

New Orleans 1959 airportimage:

A bit small, but here’s the airport. Ok you plane spotters, what are the Rampside Classics?

New Orleans 1959 cushmanimage: indianu.u

A great curbside shot by Charles Cushman.

New Orleans 1959 gimage:

One more., of the foot of Canal Street. This one is actually dated 1955, and the cars bear that out.