Vintage PR Photo: 1958 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud – A Six For The Price Of Two V8s

Here’s a somewhat unexpected PR shot of an American suburban family about to go off for a ride in their new R-R Silver Cloud. Dad must have been doing what he does pretty successfully, as it cost $12,800 ($130k adjusted) back at a time when real incomes were significantly lower and marginal taxes were much higher. Which explains why they’re walking out of a one story ranch house, which was the norm back then even for very successful types.

That’s not to say that there weren’t plenty of folks in American that could afford a new Roller, which is of course where the largest percentage of them ended up. The smart move would have been to wait a year, when the new 6.2 L V8 replaced the venerable 4.9 L F-head six, making all of 155 hp. That’s $82/hp; but who’s counting? For what it’s worth, a 310 hp Cadillac 60 Special cost a bit less than one-half of the Silver Cloud.