Vintage R&T Mini-Review: 1969 Datsun 510 Two-Door – “Fewer Doors, A Smaller Price Tag, And Bigger Performance”

When the acclaimed 510 arrived here in 1968, it was only available as a four door. R&T reviewed it, and quite positively at that. But it was priced one notch higher than the real heart of the import market, meaning VW Beetle territory. In 1969, a lower cost two-door sedan arrived, with simpler trim and details but also lighter weight and better performance. This combination quickly became the preferred 510 version, for obvious reasons. For all of $97 more than a 54hp Beetle, this was a bargain, with its 96 hp OHC four, four-wheel independent suspension and spunky performance and handling.

No wonder the 510 became a legend.