Vintage Ad: 1971 Dodge LNT-1000 COE – Check Out The “First Class Cabin”

Talk about (not)truth in advertising. There was absolutely nothing soft about these old tin can COE trucks. I didn’t drive them, but I rode in quite a few as a hitchhiker. The ride was punishing and the noise level was absolutely brutal; no wonder I have tinnitus.

But Dodge is is telling us the cab is a “safe, well-insulated, quiet and comfortable–a pleasant place to work…and we’ll even furnish him with a first-class cabin…at very little extra cost. For an idea of that, check out the picture to the right.”

I cropped that picture, so a large version of that delightfully luxurious cabin is available for you to check out in great detail:

I hate to think what the economy cab looked like.