Vintage Ad: 1979 Livlab More-Than-Sleeper Semi Truck Cab

This was a bit ahead of the times. I’ve seen what amount to trailer mounted behind the cab of some trucks from time to time, but back when length regulations were more restrictive, one had to be more creative. If you’re going to be a husband-wife driving team, better to bring as many comforts of home along.

I wondered if these were actually made; sure enough, I found several on the web including a description by the relative of one that owned one:

Here’s one being shown at a truck show. ‘

And a happy co-owner, this one mounted on an International.

Another GMC.

Here’s what someone wrote up about his uncle’s:

My uncle owned one. I believe it was one of 20 ever built. It had everything described and the artists drawings are 100% accurate. The table/seats where the woman is sitting was removable. The post came apart stuck into a hole in the floor carpet and in the bottom of the table. Looking at the pic on the right (her left) was the crawl thru to the cab. The bathroom/shower was on the drivers side rear with a small sliding window/screen. It had a sink and a hot plate built into the counter. A microwave built into the wall to the left of the sink and I think the fridge was under it. It had an Onan gas generator with the control panel to start and monitor it on the wall behind where the woman is sitting and a separate stereo/cassette next to it for the sleeper. His was behind an International day cab cabover (very similar in color a little different stripe design) it had a 400 CAT 13 spd 3.55 rears. He bought it used in 1982 I think.. not many miles on it original owner sold because he found out he was terminal with a short time to live. I think he bid on it and won. He got pulled over by cops once because they wanted to see inside it. He was always being asked “can we look inside” by everyone. He crashed it in 1984 (rolled it on it’s side) and put the motor, trans, rears into a glider kit. He got the 1985 first year redesigned International conventional they went from a big square hood to just about what they have today.