Vintage Truck: 1958 Kenworth Model KDC825C – The End Of The Road For The Bullnose KW

This is one tough-looking truck. Prior to the tilt cab era, “bullnose” COEs (Cab Over Engine) Were almost ubiquitous for that format. There was just enough of a “hood” to allow access to the front of the engine compartment, to access the radiator, oil, belts, air compressor, etc. Kenworth’s bullnose COE came out in 1949, and by 1958, its cab dies were worn out and the format was becoming obsolete. Since 1958 was the year quad headlights became legal, they were installed on this final year of these trucks, which is how this one is dated.

Here’s another one on the go. The single headlights were of course what all the rest of the years of these had.

One more for good measure.

This shot presumably is of the first one, or one of the first ones, from 1949. The chassis, doors and a few other elements were shared with the conventional KW trucks.

The “Bullnose” was replaced by the K100, which featured a modern tilt cab and would go on to have a long life.