Vintage Truck of the Day: 1940s Brockway – Without Its Mask, It Looks Like A Mercedes

I had come to assume that the somewhat odd grill guard on old Brockways from the 1940s or so were standard equipment, and that they only came that way. But then I stumbled into this handsome beast, and it looks so much like a Mercedes. What a fine grille, and rather a pity to hide it behind a mask, like these three below:

This is what I mean. I had always wondered about that, because grille guards on American trucks back then were not at all common. But almost all of these old Brockways seem to sport them.

Why were they so common, but obviously not an integral part of the grille? No other manufacturer did this. Curious.

Here’s another naked one I found. So much better, and I wouldn’t have recognized it at first glance, other than to note the similarities to a Mercedes from that era.


JPC did a CC on a 1950s Brockway here