Vintage Truck of the Day: 1940s Peterbilt 350/351 – Already A Classic In The 1960s

This shot from the mid-late 1960’s shows a Peterbilt 350/351 from the late 1940’s in a quintessentially California shot: a rest area near Lebec, with towering bare California oak trees in the short winter. The Peterbilt is of course a classic West Coast truck, and would never have been seen east of the Rockies, unless a driver got seriously lost. This one has a Mercury sleeper attached.

Peterbilt was created out of the pioneering Fageol Motors truck line, which was the dominant brand there in the 1920s and 1930s. It’s hard to say for sure what is under its tall, long hood, but from the dark stain on the fuel tank, almost certainly a diesel, and most likely a  Cummins at that. Note that it too has a single cylinder gas engine on the front of its trailer, which we learned the other day was to drive a fan to circulate the cold air from the ice that was stored at the front.