Vintage Truck of the Day: GMC “Crackerbox” – Taking The Wife And Kids For A Long Drive

Given my deep dive into all things “crackerbox” a year ago, the only reason I’m sharing this one with you is because of the occupants: Dad, Mom, and the two kids. I’m not sure where they’re off to; maybe his load is heading somewhere fun or interesting, or maybe it’s just a way to spend more time with the family. Your guess is as good as mine.

But you know this wouldn’t be happening nowadays.

I sharpened this rather faded shot up a bit; this is as good as it gets. One things for sure: there won’t be a lot of conversation, with that Detroit Diesel screaming right between and under them. My ears are ringing (more than usual) just at the thought of it.

I remember getting picked up by a Kenworth COE semi once, in the evening. I was hoping to hop in the sleeper while he rolled through the night. No such luck; he expected me to talk to him to help keep him awake. More like screaming, over the big hump between us, under which a Jimmy 318 (8V-71) was screaming back at us, and it was winning. My throat was sore the next morning, and I was dead tired.

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