Vintage Trucks of the Day: Mack LTs – Shot Out West By Joe Wanchura

We’ve had a few Vintage Trucks posts shot by Joe Wanchura, a truck driver whose passion was photographing trucks. He started in the early 1940s, and his photos are a splendid documentary of the times. Sometime in the 1950s, he took a (car) road trip out West, which allowed him to shot trucks on the go.

Here’s a sampler of four of them, all Mack LTs, starting with this splendid shot of one at a Chevron station.


These really speak to me. Among other things, these remind me of the big trucks we’d see on our early vacation trips to Colorado, on old highways 30 and 6.  You’d run into a line of cars, and at the head, one could see the plume of smoke from a big truck, lumbering along at 40-45 mph, the typical speed for them. And then the challenge of passing them…and when it finally happened, looking back to check out the brand of truck.