Vintage Trucks: Peterbilts – Everts Transport In Eugene, Glue Hauler and Early User Of Michelin “Metalic” Tires

Dman sent me this shot of a fleet of early Peterbilts. I’m not going to try to pin down the exact model, as that gets a bit tricky. But what interested me is that these were shot in Eugene. Everts Transport is long gone, but in its heyday, it operated a fleet of 17 Peterbilts that picked up chemicals to make glues in California and distributed them all over the Pacific Northwest to plywood mills.

I did a bit of Googling, and found some more info on Everts (below). Among other things, Everts was an early adopter of Michelin “Metalic” tires, by which I assumed they mean steel-belted radials. But that seemed very early to me. turns out these weren’t radials; Michelin invented the Metalic Truck Tire in 1937, reinforcing it with steel. It was something of a precursor to the famous Michelin radial X, which came out in 1946, but not for trucks until some years later.