CC Walk ‘N Talk: In The Nick Of (Dad’s Gallbladder This) Time!

Last week, after three pieces of Wal-Mart fried chicken and half a bag of Fritos, my dad suffered a long night of stomach pains and cramps.  No surprise there.  However, Saturday gave way to Sunday, and Sunday begat Monday, Monday begat Tuesday yadda yadda yadda…Friday begat surgery, surgery begat complications, yadda yadda’s a rusty mid-80’s Toyota truck.

I have a soft spot for 80’s Toyota iron, and this particular example has soft spots in abundance.  The rustibility of Japanese cars of this vintage is oft mentioned, and when I saw this example while wandering the hospital parking garage, I thought of CC and took a shot, thinking it might be of some use in an article down the line.  One minute and forty seconds later I came upon this:

A first-gen Four Runner with nary a soft spot to be found, except in my heart.  I had an 89 with the removable top like this one, and I think of it often.

Anyway, back to dad.  (If you don’t know why I’m 35 and living with my dad, read here.)  Turns out his gall bladder had gone and, well, gone.  So it was off to hospital for a one-day affair.  *cough*  Today was day four.  And he’s still there.  A bile duct was “nicked” during his gall bladder removal, and this has led to a setback.  So I’ve spent many hours the past few days at Memorial Hospital, which I’ve discovered is a great place to take a walk.  And after seeing the Toyota (non)Twins, I figured a CC Walk N’ Talk was in order.

Hi, Paul!

Even 80’s American iron gets the rust-bug once in a while.

I liked this pairing.  (Took a solo shot of the SS, but it turned out awful.  Hard taking decent photos in parking garages.)

This El Camino is in seriously good nick.  Sorry…

Didn’t really expect to see a Tesla, but this is a large hospital with lots of doctors.

This HR5 was right in front of the Tesla.  Another doctor, I’m assuming.

And last on the 6 story perusal:

A Sky Turbo, no less.  I still find the Sky/Solstice to be a great looking car from nearly every angle.  Too bad GM tossed it aside like a vestigal appendage.

Next stop:  East St. Louis!