Want A 1967 Chevrolet Super Sport Six Cylinder Convertible? Ask For Model #16767, But Hurry, It’s Your Last Chance

Chevrolet 1967 SS conv

(first posted 7/11/2013)    1967 was the last year the six was available on both the Impala convertible and even the Super Sport, which was a separate model (for the last time). Yes, if you specified Model 16767, you would be the proud owner of a ’67 SS six convertible, and you’d be in very, very rare company. How rare?

Chevrolet 1967 engines

My Encyclopedia of American Cars says that 400 1967 SS coupe and convertible sixes were built, but doesn’t give a breakout between the two. I bet it’s about a hundred or so, making it a mighty rare beast indeed. Wonder if any still exist?