We Love Reader Tips And Submissions; What About Reader’s Curbside Classics? (Updated)

We’ve had some terrific posts thanks to reader tips and links, like the stunning Swiss Alpine road picture sent in by jjd241, and a couple of others. Don’t feel shy about just sending them straight to me via the Contact on the menu bar, or just e-mail me at curbsideclassics@gmail.com. I think by now you know what kind of stuff turns on the CC collective. If you put in a link in a comment, that’s ok too, as long as that means it’s ok to use.

The question is what about reader’s own Curbside Classics finds? That’s a teeny bit more complicated, because of how to just manage it if the numbers become significant. Just to download, re-size, edit and post a bunch of photos can take me a while. So I’m thinking that we either set up a CC Flickr Page or use Facebook, and allow folks to post them there. And if you send me the best of the bunch, I’ll do a post to announce them here. Or?

Update: I’m going to set up a Flickr Group Page. What shall we call it? Curbside Classic Cult?

And when someone loads up an interesting new set or car, just let me know, and we’ll do a post here to announce it. How’s that sound?

I’m completely open to any suggestions in this regard, as long as it’s a system that doesn’t get too complicated or management intensive.

There’s also the question about submissions for proper CC articles; pictures and a proper write-up. I welcome them, if they meet a couple of criteria. Before you start on one, let me know first, so it doesn’t conflict with something I have coming up soon. Second, it does need to show a reasonable degree of writing ability and perspective on the car or subject. And thirdly, you have to realize that we can’t pay (yet). Hopefully, someday. I’m working on getting some CC T-shirts!

Any other suggestions about CC so far, and what you’d like to see more or less of is always welcome. Thanks for getting us off to a pretty strong start. But please do spread the word; the more the merrier.