Welcome CC’s First Managing Editor: Perry Shoar

Perry Shoar

You just met Perry as a kid and his family’s Audi 5000 in the previous post, and now here he is today, as CC’s new Managing Editor. I’ve been trying for a while to find the right sucker person who would be able to help me shoulder the load here, given the absurdly low pay, long hours, and having to put up with my relentless anti-Seville jihad.

I became aware of Perry’s consistently excellent comments here a few years back, and encouraged him to contribute. It took a while, but he finally succumbed this fall with this very fine 1966 Chrysler CC. And then he followed that up with a stellar CC on the W201 Mercedes 190.  Another CC star was born. And now Perry’s talents will be put to use on an even higher level here.

As is the way with the internet, I don’t know all that much about Perry except that he lives in Bloomington, Indiana with his partner, has a degree in communications/liberal arts/film production, plans to finish his degree in nursing in the future, and is an excellent historian, automotive and otherwise. And of course, is an excellent writer.

Perry will take on the front line responsibility of keeping our content flowing, scheduled properly, and looking good, as well as creating new content. We’re still working out how to best divide responsibilities here and coordinate our efforts, but there’s plenty of work to go around. And I’m only going to get a lot busier with other activities come spring.

Needless to say, I’m very happy to have someone of Perry’s caliber helping out here, and it’s motivating me to try to find some additional advertisers so that I can pay him better and keep him around for a while. And now I’ll have more time to write more anti-Seville posts to get those Page Views up, to make our advertisers happier 😉