Welcome CC’s New Executive Editor Tom Klockau

Those of you who have been around for a while know that come spring time, the demands from my other business activities really start to intrude into my CC addiction. I’ve been especially concerned about this year, because I have to scale back here, and get a house built; two actually, one for rent-paying humans and one for egg-laying chickens. As well, there are on-going remodels, maintenance, and other demands. But a solution has miraculously appeared, in the person of Tom Klockau.

Life-long auto enthusiast, long-time CC reader and prolific Contributor, Tom has agreed to take over the reins here at CC, while I do what I need to do, as well giving me more time to hopefully monetize CC more effectively. Tom is currently unemployed and looking for a job. My goal now is to find enough money to make it worthwhile for Tom to stay at CC; our first employee. Here’s how you can help.

There are going to be more google ads at CC, so do feel free to click ads at your leisure. And I’m looking at other advertising possibilities. Monetizing a not-quite-huge site is tough; I’m exploring any and all options…. And as much as I hate “begging”, but if any of you are able and willing to pitch in on a “Keep Tom Klockau employed at CC Fund”, please contact me via the Contact Form on the Menu bar. I really can’t keep up what I’ve been doing, and having Tom write, edit, and attend to the myriad of daily details necessary to keep the CC ship afloat is a vital step towards keeping this site sustainable and growing. If your daily dose of CC is worth it to you, here’s your opportunity to show it, and help make sure it keeps on coming.

But you haven’t gotten rid of me yet, though. I’ll still be writing at least one new piece each week, and come the rainy season next fall, that will undoubtedly step up. And I’m still shooting new cars almost daily, which I’ll make available to Tom and the other Contributors. Speaking of, I’m overjoyed that we have cultivated such a fine flock of regular CC Contributors. Want to join the party? Just send us a text and pictures (don’t embed them into the text), and as long as it’s compatible with our format and standards, you too can be a CC author. Or just send a text and point us to pictures you’ve posted to the CC Cohort Flickr page.

My deepest appreciation to Tom (and all of you) for keeping CC rolling.